Caring for our Communities

The power of community is a core value of CofanoGroup.  Everyone defines their community differently.  However you define it, we believe that the one constant underlying all great communities is a culture of giving.  And so, CofanoGroup will donate 5% of our net earnings from each sale to one of the following charitable organizations in your name or anonymously.  Each of these organizations is special to Patti and me as explained further below.  Please let us know of other organizations that we might consider in the future.

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Seattle Cancer Care Alliance

In 2019, it’s estimated that there will be 268,600 new cases of invasive breast and 41,760 breast cancer deaths. In 2018, my wife Patti was one of those new cases. With the expert care of the doctors and nurses associated with Seattle Cancer Care Alliance, Patti was successfully treated and is cancer free. Not every woman will be so fortunate and we need to do whatever we can to help find better ways of detection and treatments for this terrible disease. SCCA is attempting to do that and is world renowned in their pioneering of cancer research.

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One out of every 9 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer. In 2019, it’s estimated that there will be 175,000 new cases and 31,000 prostate cancer related deaths. In 2018, I was one of those new cases. I was lucky as my disease was early stage and treatable. Now being cancer free, I’m supporting the Zero organization in its attempt to communicate the benefits of early detection, support those men who suffer from advanced disease and raise money to fund research for a cure.

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Bridge of Promise

Bridge of Promise is a local non-profit organization founded to enrich the lives of teens and adults with disabilities. I was introduced to this organization through good friends who have a child with severe cognitive and physical challenges.  For many, being able-bodied is something we take for granted and yet for many like my friends' son, this is not the case.  And, the impact extends well beyond the person with disabilities and can significantly affect the lives of those who love and care for them.  Bridge of Promise supports these families by offering camps and after school activities, as well as year round programs for young adults transitioning from high school.


Sammamish Animal Sanctuary

I am an animal lover, especially those animals who are in need of love and a home.  Enter Sammamish Animal Sanctuary.  Founded by Diane and Don Gockel, the Second Chance Ranch is home to the animals of all shapes and sizes who were formerly homeless, neglected or needed a forever home.  Sammamish Animal Sanctuary enriches the lives of these animals who in turn enrich the lives of those who come to see and interact with them.  Sammamish Animal Sanctuary is a 501(c)3 not for profit organization.