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Buying a home on the Eastside can be, well, a bit daunting given the market

That's where CofanoGroup can help.  We grew up here, literally, and know the area like the back of our hand.  We listen to your needs and wants and then craft a custom search approach to find you that perfect place to call home.


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Finding a cool home online is just the beginning...

If you are like most buyers, you will start your home search online well before connecting with a buyer's agent.  With so many online resources, why not?  And, you will likely feel overwhelmed with the amount of information and home options available to you.  Price per square foot, school districts, neighborhood information, appreciation potential, financing, and the list goes on.  That's were we come in.  We first listen closely to understand what is really important to you and then we help synthesize all of that information into "real world" knowledge, enabling you to narrow down the homes you are really interested in (and just maybe find some new ones along the way).

Buy with confidence with us by your side!

A home is a place to rest your head at night, celebrate your family and make memories.  It's also for most people the single largest investment they make.  Having someone on your side to counsel you and look out for your best interests, whether that's negotiating hard on your behalf, coordinating access to the right experts to advise on property conditions, reviewing the property's title information to minimize the risk of post-closing issues or ensuring that you have the opportunity to meet with financing professionals who can provide you with various loan options.  We do it all and you can spend more time looking forward to that day when you can celebrate your new home.